Leda Atomica is a Los Angeles based Rock and Roll Band. Visit the links above to see what we are all about...


Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! Looking forward to getting the ROCK back in 2014...




Photo taken Live at Molly Malone's by Wild Don Lewis



About Leda Atomica...

No gimmicks, no frills, just solid Rock and Roll.

In a technological age where anyone can be in a band and record a CD (and virtually everyone does), Leda Atomica holds tightly to the roots of music and creates organic Rock and it should be.

How do you describe a sound that is unique? Many different elements come to mind, but it is still something all it's own...that's what Leda Atomica is about. They can be as strong and dynamic as Jefferson Airplane, yet sultry and hypnotic as The Pretenders...WITH vocals to match. Their sound is as full-bodied as The Deftones but can also pull off eloquent space Rock like Silversun Pickups. the Dali painting they were named after.

Currently, they have released their 4th CD since forming as a band in late 2005. Through the years, their music has been in demand for numerous Short and Feature Films, TV series and Webisodes. In multiple episodes of a sporting event on the Versus Channel called, 3 Gun Nation, and in a Feature Film, B4, in which they also represent themselves. Their song, "Save Me", was selected as a Finalist in the L.A. based Shriekfest Film Festival.

Consisting of original members, Angela Ueber (vox & guitar) and Marika Tjelios (bass), Janel Jones (lead guitar) joined the force in 2006, and most recently, Chicago transplant Matt Meyer (drums).